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Online Early Accepted Manuscripts

Research Article September 4 2020
An Alternative Approach to Distinguishing Liabilities from Equity
Research Article September 3 2020
The Role of Accounting in Ponzi Schemes
Research Article September 3 2020
Implicit Attitudes and U.S. Tax Professionals' Reliance on Offshore Tax Professionals' Recommendations
Research Article August 27 2020
Starting Your Career at an Accounting Firm: The Role of Personality in Explaining Career Starts
Research Article August 6 2020
The Attenuating Effect of Intelligent Agents and Agent Autonomy on Managers' Ability to Diffuse Responsibility for and Engage in Earnings Management
Research Article August 4 2020
Executive Board Member Financial Expertise and IPO Performance
Research Article August 4 2020
Earnings Volatility and Auditor Risk Assessments: Evidence from Auditor Resignations
Research Article August 3 2020
Accountant as Digital Innovator: Roles and Competencies in the Age of Automation
Research Article August 2 2020
The Future of Assurance in Capital Markets: Reclaiming the Economic Imperative of the Auditing Profession
Research Article July 17 2020
Shareholder Wealth Effects of Audit Data Analytics Announcements
Research Article July 14 2020
Investigating Accountants' Resistance to Move beyond Excel and Adopt New Data Analytics Technology
Research Article June 30 2020
The Audit Implications of Cloud Computing
Research Article June 12 2020
An Exploratory Study into the Use of Audit Data Analytics on Audit Engagements
Research Article June 12 2020
Do Audit Fees Reflect Unique Characteristics of Individual Executives?
Research Article June 12 2020
Factors that Influence the Internal Audit Function's Maturity
Research Article June 12 2020
Shareholder Dissatisfaction and Subsequent Audit Outcomes
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