The publisher, American Accounting Association, regrets an error in the table of contents in the December 2019 issue (Volume 46, Number 2) of Accounting Historians Journal. The classifications for several articles were incorrect as originally published.

The correct classifications are:


  • Bookkeeper-Controller-CFO: The Rise of the Chief Financial and Chief Accounting Officer

  •  Michael Doron, C. Richard Baker, and Kiren Dosanjh Zucker

  • The Little Bank That Could: An Examination of the Historical and Financial Records of One Bank That Survived the Great Depression

  •  Eric D. Bostwick

  • The Past, Present, and Future of Accounting History

  •  Derek Matthews

  • How Audited Financial Statements Facilitated Shareholder Activism for the Colonization of Western Canada

  •  Gary P. Spraakman, Alison Kemper, and Ken Ogata

  • Oleo, Whiskey, and Cigars: How William Henry Osborn Implemented the 1913 Federal Income Tax

  •  Mary M. Stolberg


  • Salmagundi: A Mixture or Assortment—A Potpourri

  •  William H. Black

  • Australians and New Zealanders Taking Their Accounting Doctorate in the United States: 1960s to 2018

  •  Stephen A. Zeff

  • Mary Murphy's Pen Portraits of Fifteen Members Who Contributed to the First 75 Years of the AICPA

  •  Kelly L. Williams

  • Lies, Sex, and Suicide: Teaching Fundamental Accounting Concepts with Sordid Tales from the Seamier Side of Accounting History

  •  Frank Badua

  • Reflections on Biography in Accounting History

  •  William H. Black

The original table of contents has been corrected in the online version. The error only exists in the printed version.