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AIS Educator Journal

Call for Papers

The mission of the AIS Educator Journal is to “Disseminate research that will benefit Accounting Information System (AIS) education.” A peer-reviewed journal, the AIS Educator Journal considers scholarly papers and other submissions in (but not limited to) the following categories.


  • AIS basic research that can be applied to or disseminated in an accounting course such as AIS, auditing, managerial, financial, taxation, advanced, or forensic.
  • Interdisciplinary education research with a systems or technology component, such as control and auditing systems, control frameworks, artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, cloud computing, cybersecurity and information security, data analytics, database systems, enterprise systems, machine learning, organization and management of IS and IT, risk management, robotics, service computing, systems development methods, and XBRL.

Curriculum and Pedagogy

  • Model curricula, program design, course design, certificate design or implementation thereof.
  • Teaching and learning models.
  • Teaching and learning challenges (for example, delivery modes such as classroom, online, blended, or hybrid).
  • Emerging technologies and systems that might be useful in AIS or other accounting courses.

Teaching Applications

  • Educational cases, course projects, and instructional resources that instructors could use in AIS courses, including those that are interdisciplinary.
  • Innovative, or especially successful, methods for teaching AIS courses or topics.


  • Tutorials or demonstrations of useful new applications, software, and teaching tools.
  • Reviews of books, software, and other tools useful to AIS education.

We welcome papers that do not fit into these categories, but that relate clearly to AIS education in other ways. See our submission guidelines for more details.



Authors should send manuscripts and inquiries to with a copy to one of the journal editors, Lorraine Lee or Betsy Haywood-Sullivan

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