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AISEJ Publishing Process

We currently publish one volume of the journal each year. Our online format allows us to post papers when we complete the processing and formatting.

We believe that publishing is a shared responsibility. Facilitating the publication of each paper requires the work of at least four volunteers (senior editor, associate editor and two reviewers). The authors also share responsibility for the publishing process.

Author Responsibilities

1. Be aware of journal editorial policies and submission categories.

2. Prepare paper according to the guidelines for the appropriate submission category.

3. Volunteer to review papers.

4. Inform senior editor within 14 days of revise-and-resubmit decision if you intend to revise.

5. Submit revision within six months of revise-and-resubmit decision.

6. If the paper accepted for publication, sign and return the copyright agreement .

Journal Responsibility

1. Senior editor acknowledges receipt of initial submission (usually within two weeks). If you don’t receive an acknowledgement within 15 days, please send a follow-up email.

3. Senior editor makes initial assessment. If paper is suitable, senior editor assigns paper to an associate Editor.

4. Associate editor selects two (or more) peer reviewers in consultation with a senior editor.

5. When reviews are returned, associate editor submits a summary report and recommendation to senior editors.

6. Senior editors make decision and email decision letter and review packet to author(s).

7. Senior editors assemble decision packet and shares with review team.

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