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AIS Educator Journal Review Process

Typically, one volume of the Journal is published per year (Current Issue). Our electronic format and publisher (Allen Press) also support immediate publication of accepted articles in the next available volume (Issue in Progress). Our goal is to provide initial submissions with review process feedback within 60 days.

We believe that publishing is a shared responsibility. Facilitating the publication of one article requires at least 4 volunteers (Editor-in-Chief, blind Associate Editor and two blind Reviewers) to read carefully and evaluate a paper and provide written suggestions. The faculty author also shares responsibility for the review process.

Author Responsibility

1. Journal Requirements - Be aware of journal editorial policies and Call for Papers categories.

2. Preparation - Prepare paper according to Guidelines (see website: submission formatting, educational materials).

3. Volunteer to review - To help share the reviewing load, we request that faculty author(s) complete a brief (5 minute) survey informing us of your reviewing areas of interest. We ask that you fill out the survey at least once every three years or when requested.

4. Notify the Journal Editors-in-Chief - Once the faculty co-author(s) have completed the survey, please send an email to the Journal ( to tell us of your survey completion and attach your submission files. We will verify that the reviewer survey is completed, the paper submission is appropriate to the Journal and complete, and then begin the review process.

5. Revise and Resubmit deadline – Author(s) will inform Journal Editors-in-Chief within 14 days of review decision if the article will be revised and resubmitted for publication consideration. If the author(s) will revise and resubmit, the revision must be submitted within 5 months from original decision.

6. Copyright – If the paper accepted for publication, authors will sign a copyright agreement and return to the Journal Editors-in-Chief.

Journal Responsibility

Timing Caveat: Our review process will be delayed for normal busy times such as the beginning of the semester (three weeks), end of semester (finals/grading), holidays, and summer timeframe.

1. Author submits paper to Editors-in-Chief (EIC).

2. EIC acknowledges receipt (usually within 3-5 days). If you don’t receive an acknowledgement within 10 days, please send a follow-up email.

3. EIC makes initial assessment whether paper is suitable for further review. If suitable, EIC assigns paper to an Associate Editor (AE).

4. AE selects two peer reviewers.

5. When reviews are returned, AE submits AE report and recommendation to EIC.

6. EIC makes final decision and emails decision letter and review packet to author(s).

7. EIC assembles decision packet and shares with AE and peer reviewers.

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