In the May 2006 issue, errors were inadvertently made in “Collaboration in Referential Communication: Comparison of Youth With Down Syndrome or Fragile X Syndrome” by L. Abbeduto et al.

On p. 172, in the second paragraph of the Participants section, the final sentence should read “The Down syndrome and fragile X syndrome groups did not differ in nonverbal IQ according to the Stanford-Binet subtests, t(27.95) = .61, p = .55, or chronological age (CA), t(41) = .59, p = .56.” A comma was used in the original t(27,95), which is incorrect.

Also on p. 172, in the last full paragraph in the left column, the N for the chi-square should be 43, not 68. The sentence should read “Across the Down and fragile X syndrome groups, 60% of participants had mothers (or females guardians) with a college degree or...

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