In the article “Using Participant Data to Extend the Evidence Base for Intensive Behavioral Intervention for Children With Autism,” by Sigmund Eldevik et al. (2010, Volume 115, Number 5, pp. 381–405), there were several errors in the tables.

Table 2: In the Group column, the n for the Control group should be 105. In the Intelligence column, the Comparison row should read 39, 54.0, 16.2, 21–101. The last column (Adaptive Behavior), the last row (Total), the n should be 364. The solidus that appears in the SD column should be a decimal point.

Table 3 and 4: In the NNT/NHH column, after the word to, add ∞ to

Table 5: All entries are incorrect. Substitute the following numbers for the beta (β) and p columns, respectively:

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