Behavioral inflexibility (BI) has been highlighted to occur across genetic and neurodevelopmental disorders. This study characterized BI in two common neurogenetic conditions: Fragile X syndrome (FXS) and Down syndrome (DS). Caregivers of children with FXS (N = 56; with ASD = 28; FXS only = 28) and DS (N = 146) completed the Behavioral Inflexibility Scale (BIS) via an online survey. Total BIS scores were higher in FXS+ASD than both FXS only and DS (p <.001). Most endorsed items were similar across the three groups, but scores were higher in the FXS+ASD group. In all groups, BI associated with other clinical variables (receptive behaviors, anxiety, social communication). The current data suggest that BI is variable across neurogenetic conditions and higher in individuals with comorbid ASD.

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