Many U.S. states use the Supports Intensity Scale—Adult Version (SIS-A; Thompson et al., 2015) to inform the distribution of public funds for long-term services and supports. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many states began administering the SIS-A virtually instead of in person. Because administration format has the potential to influence SIS-A scores and, consequently, impact the funding people receive for long-term services and supports, this study examined the stability of support need scores, as measured by the SIS-A, over two time periods: (a) when assessments were conducted in person and (b) when assessments were conducted virtually using remote technology. Specifically, the influence of assessment administration formats on SIS-A scores and on the perceptions of SIS-A assessors were investigated. Results revealed that the virtual administration format impacted SIS-A scores, but the impact was of little to no practical importance.

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