Rett syndrome (RTT) is a severe neurodevelopmental disorder associated with multiple neurobehavioral abnormalities. The Rett Syndrome Behaviour Questionnaire (RSBQ) was developed for pediatric RTT observational studies. Because its application has expanded to adult and interventional studies, we evaluated the RSBQ's psychometric properties in six pediatric (n = 323) and five adult (n = 309) datasets. Total and General Mood subscale scores had good reliability. Clinical severity had no influence on RSBQ scores. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses yielded 6 pediatric and 7 adult clinically relevant and psychometrically strong factors including the original Breathing Problems and Fear/Anxiety subscales and the novel Emotional and Disruptive Behavior subscale composed of items from the original General Mood and Nighttime Behaviours subscales. The present findings support additional evaluations and improvements of an important RTT behavioral measure.

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