Hyperphagia is highly penetrant in Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) and has increasingly been reported in other neurogenetic conditions (NGC). The Hyperphagia Questionnaire (HQ) was completed by caregivers of 4–8-year-olds with PWS (n = 17), Angelman syndrome (AS; n = 22), Williams syndrome (WS; n = 25), or low-risk controls (LRC; n = 35). All NGC groups were significantly elevated in HQ Total and Behavior scores compared to LRC. Only AS and WS were significantly elevated in the Drive domain, and only PWS in the Severity domain. After controlling for externalizing behavior, HQ Total scores were higher for PWS relative to other groups. Hyperphagic symptoms may not differentiate PWS from other NGCs in early childhood. However, hyperphagic phenotypes may be most severe in PWS. Further investigation of these profiles may inform etiology and syndrome-specific treatments.

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