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Ordering Journal Reprints

Article Authors Seeking Article Reprints
AAIDD now uses EzReprint, a user-friendly, automated online system for purchasing article reprints. Prior to publication of the issue, you will receive an e-mail with a unique URL (SmartLink) and information about the reprint order process. Clicking on the SmartLink will take you directly to a web portal where you may place your reprint order. The email will be sent to you from [email protected]. You may want to add this to your "safe senders" list to ensure that you receive the message.

Individuals Seeking Back Issues or Bulk Orders of Individual Issues
Contact Kathleen McLane [email protected] for pricing and delivery arrangements.

How to Order Additional Copies:
$30.00 (domestic shipping) and $40.00 (international shipping). We do discount full volumes - $150.00 and $175.00. Please contact [email protected] for issue availability.
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