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Macmillan Publishing Company created the world's first children's literature department in 1919, and Doubleday, Page, Inc., chose May Massee to open their junior books division in 1922. The first book she published was The ABC Book by C. B. Falls, a freelance muralist and poster artist. The bright and bold wood block illustrations set it apart from the muted tones traditionally used in children's books. The ABC Book received critical praise for its design and illustrations, and fulfilled Massee's desire to publish high-quality—and beautiful—picture books. Falls and Massee are featured in a virtual reality experience discussed by Brady Lund and Shari Scribner in “Developing Virtual Reality Experiences for Archival Collections: A Case Study of the May Massee Collection at Emporia State University.” Courtesy of the May Massee Collection, Emporia State University Special Collections and Archives in Emporia, Kansas.