Possible complications of nasotracheal intubation include injury to the nasal or pharyngeal mucosa. Dissection of the retropharyngeal tissue by the endotracheal tube is one of the rarer of the more severe complications. Previous studies have indicated that the Parker Flex-Tip (PFT) tracheal tube (Parker Medical, Highlands Ranch, Colo) reduces the incidence of mucosal injury. We experienced a case involving inadvertent retropharyngeal placement of a PFT tube in a 29-year-old patient during nasotracheal intubation under general anesthesia for elective dental treatment. Despite thermosoftening the PFT tube, expanding the nasal meatus, and ensuring gentle maneuvering, the tube intruded into the left retropharyngeal mucosa. However, the injury was not severe, and the only required treatment was the administration of antibiotics and corticosteroids. Even when a PFT tube is utilized, pharyngeal dissection is possible. When resistance is felt during passing of the PFT tube through the nasopharynx, an alternative method to overcome this resistance should be utilized.

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