The editorial staff of Anesthesia Progress acknowledges all of our 2019 reviewers. We value your time and effort in ensuring the quality of the articles published in Anesthesia Progress. List of reviewers with the number of reviews completed by each in 2019:

Jeff Bennett, DMD (3)

Robert Bosack, DDS (1)

Jason Brady, DDS (1)

Jeffrey N. Brownstein, DDS (1)

Brian Chanpong, DDS, MSc (1)

Bryant Cornelius, DDS, MBA, MPH (1)

James DiFranco, DDS, MS (4)

Melissa Drum, DDS, MS (1)

Rick Finder, DMD (1)

Andrea Fonner, DDS (2)

Mari Cynthia Fukami, DMD, MS (2)

Pooja Gangwani, DDS, MPH (1)

Steven Ganzberg, DMD, MS (3)

Joseph Giovannitti, DMD (4)

Jarom Heaton, DDS, MS (1)

Lily Hu, DMD (3)

Hiroyoshi Kawaai, DDS, PhD (1)

Barry Krall, DDS (1)

Jesse Manton (1)

Zak S. Messieha, DDS (2)

Andreia Minasian-Silvera, DDS, MS (3)...

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