Scientific evidence has rarely, if at all, been reported in the literature demonstrating analytical confirmation of the physical compatibility and stability of glycopyrrolate and rocuronium combined. The purpose of this experiment was to determine if glycopyrrolate and rocuronium are physically compatible.


Glycopyrrolate and rocuronium were combined in various containers, observed over a 60-minute period, and compared against positive and negative controls. Measured metrics included color change, precipitate formation, Tyndall beam test, turbidity, and pH. Statistical analyses were used to assess significance of data trends.


The combination of glycopyrrolate and rocuronium did not result in any color change, precipitate formation, a positive Tyndall beam test, or a significantly positive turbidity and did not result in any significant change in pH, regardless of container.


Per the protocol used in this study, glycopyrrolate and rocuronium were determined to be physically compatible.

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