A clinical study of the results of various types of early Class III treatment in 14 patients, with emphasis on the reverse-pull face crib. The conclusion is that the important benefits of early treatment should not be denied because of concerns that a few may still require further treatment later.

Presented to the Southwest Component of the Edward H. Angle Society.

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Author notes

Dr. Campbell is in the private practice of orthodontics in Huntsville, Texas. He is on the teaching staffs of the Department of Orthodontics at Baylor University in Dallas, and the Charles H. Tweed Foundation for Orthodontic Research in Tucson. He holds an M.A. degree in Biology-Biochemistry from Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, and D.D.S. and M.S.D. in Orthodontics from Baylor University. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics