About this monumental sourcebook on the beginnings of modern orthodontics...

This is a 4-volume limited-edition hard-cover book set of over 3400 pages. Dr. Angle's correspondence and business accounts from 1899 to 1910, among his most creative years, are included. In addition, all of his patents—45 USA patents and 1 Canadian patent—from 1889 to 1934 (posthumous) are reproduced. These historic materials were preserved by Dr. Anna Hopkins Angle and are now part of the archives of The Angle Society. Typed and handwritten documents have been retyped for legibility and arranged chronologically.

The book set is published on a non-profit basis by The Angle Society for reference libraries, educational/research institutions, orthodontic departments and individuals. The price for the 4-volume historic set is US $2000, plus air express charges (USA and Canada, US$80; elsewhere, US$120). Orders require pre-payment in full. Mastercard and VISA accepted. Checks must be in US funds, payable to EHASO.

Outline of Contents

1. Edward H. Angle (frontispiece)

2. Preface and Acknowledgments

3. Introduction

Doctor Angle—the Man, the Writer, the Inventor, the Professional

4. Biographical Chronology

5. Notes to Readers

6. Facsimiles of Selected Writings

7. Table of Contents

Volume 1 Letters

Volume 2 Letters

Volume 3 Letters


• Chronology of Patents

• Patent Documents in Facsimile

Volume 4 Accounts

• E. H. Angle Regulating Appliance Company

8. Comprehensive Bibliography

• Works by Edward H. Angle

• Works about Edward H. Angle

9. Master Index

• By name

• By subject

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