To: Editor, The Angle Orthodontist

RE: The treatment timing of labial inversely impacted maxillary central incisors: A prospective study. Hao Sun, Rongdang Hu, Manman Ren, Yan Lin, Xiuying Wang, Chaofan Sun, Yi Wang. The Angle Orthodontist. 2016;86:768–774.

We congratulate the authors for their commendable work on this study. The article provides significant information about treatment timing for a rare condition.

We have a couple of questions regarding this condition and its treatment. Could you please discuss further the value and the possible disadvantages of using CBCT both for the diagnosis and treatment planning aspects of such cases? Also, it would be helpful to know the duration of treatment in these types of cases so that this information could be used in predicting the cost-benefit ratio of treatment versus prosthetic replacement.

Thank you for your insights.