To obtain views of orthodontists in the United Kingdom on frenectomy in terms of its indications and timing and a recommended retention regimen after correction of median diastema.

Materials and Methods

A 14-item online questionnaire was sent to orthodontic specialists for completion. The questionnaire covered demographics and orthodontists' experience and views on frenectomy.


Three hundred and fifty-three orthodontists with various background and experience responded to the survey. Three-quarters of respondents routinely performed a blanche test to aid diagnosis of the abnormal frenum; however, only 15% carried out radiographic investigation. Three-quarters of the orthodontists would consider frenectomy as a part of orthodontic treatment, and variation existed among the clinicians in terms of its timing. Frenectomy without orthodontic treatment was not preferred. There was much variation in the retention regimen after diastema closure regardless of frenectomy.


Complete consensus among the orthodontists was not obtained; however, some agreement was found regarding the development of a logical diagnosis and treatment approach. High-quality studies are required to produce national protocols or UK guidelines.

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Author notes


Consultant, Department of Orthodontics, Oxford University Hospitals, Oxford, UK.


Professor, Department of Psychology, King's College London, London, UK.