To evaluate the influence of facial biotype in the therapeutic effect of mandibular advancement devices (MADs) according to polysomnographic records in patients diagnosed with sleep apnea–hypopnea syndrome (SAHS).

Materials and Methods

A total of 46 patients were recruited. Patients were classified according to facial biotype (mesofacial, brachyfacial, or dolichofacial). The quantitative variables were described as the arithmetic mean and standard deviation or the median and interquartile range. Hypothesis tests used were Pearson’s chi-square, paired-sample Student’s t- test, the Wilcoxon test, one-way analysis of variance, Kruskal-Wallis test, and Mann-Whitney U-test. P < .05 was considered statistically significant.


A total of 46 patients were categorized into three facial biotype subgroups with no significant differences among them in age, body mass index, neck circumference, and sex. The respiratory disturbance index (RDI) results were as follows: brachyfacial patients had a reduction to 15 events/h (P < .001), the mesofacial patients had a reduction to 14 events/h (P < .001), and the dolichofacial patients did not show a significant reduction. The oxygen desaturation index (ODI) results were as follows: brachyfacial patients had a reduction in ODI episodes to 45 episodes/h (P = .001), mesofacial patients had a reduction to 18 episodes/h (P = .001). In the brachyfacial group, the number of awakenings with MAD therapy was reduced to 23 events/h (P = .003), while, in the mesofacial group, it was reduced to 37 episodes/h (P = .012).


The facial biotype influences the effectiveness of MAD therapy and is considered a good predictive factor.

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Author notes


Orthodontist, Sleep Unit Department, Central Military University Hospital “Gomez Ulla,” Madrid, Spain.


Assistant Professor, Department of Reconstructive, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Yalova University, Yalova, Turkey.


Associate Professor. Department of Orthodontics, Izmir Katip Çelebi University, Izmir, Turkey.


Visiting Professor, Department of Orthodontics, Complutense University, Madrid, Spain.