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The Edward H. Angle Society of Orthodontists, Inc.
Biennial Meetings—1930-Present

Date Location Host Component President or Chairman
1930 Chicago, IL Dr. Frank Gough

Lake Shore Athletic Club
1932 Pasadena, CA Southern California Mrs. Anna H. Angle

Angle College of Orthodontia
Chairman, Executive Comm.
1933 Chicago, IL Midwest Mrs. Anna H. Angle

Edgewater Beach Hotel
Chairman, Executive Comm.
1936 Del Monte, CA Northern California Mrs. Anna H. Angle

Del Monte Hotel
Chairman, Executive Comm.
1938 New York City, NY Eastern Mrs. Anna H. Angle

Waldorf Astoria Hotel
Chairman, Executive Comm.
1939 Chicago, IL Midwest Mrs. Anna H. Angle

Lake Shore Athletic Club
Chairman, Executive Comm.
1947 Santa Barbara, CA Northern California Mrs. Anna H. Angle

Biltmore Hotel
Chairman, Executive Comm.
1949 French Lick, IN Midwest Mrs. Anna H. Angle

Chairman, Executive Comm.
1951 Skytop, PA Eastern Dr. William B. Downs

Skytop Lodge
Chairman, Executive Comm.
1953 Victoria, BC Northwest Dr. Harold B. Noyes

Empress Hotel
Chairman, Executive Comm.
1955 Chicago, IL Midwest Dr. William B. Downs

Drake Hotel
Chairman, Executive Comm.
1957 Washington, DC Eastern Dr. William Thompson

Shoreham Hotel
Chairman, Executive Comm.
1959 Colorado Springs, CO Midwest Dr. John R. Thompson

Broadmoor Hotel
Chairman, Executive Comm.
1961 Palm Springs, CA Northern California Dr. Glendon H. Terwilliger

El Mirador Hotel
Chairman, Executive Comm.
1963 Phoenix, AZ Southern California Dr. Jack Rathbone

Cambelback Inn
Chairman, Executive Comm.
1965 Boston, MA Eastern Dr. Paul Hoffman

Sheraton Boston Hotel
Chairman, Executive Comm.
1967 New Orleans, LA Midwest Dr. Morse Newcomb

Roosevelt Hotel
Chairman, Executive Comm.
1969 Denver, CO Southwest Dr. Richard A. Riedel

Brown Palace Hotel
1971 Seattle, WA Northwest Dr. Richard D. Payne

Washington Plaza Hotel
1973 Boca Raton, FL North Atlantic Dr. Robert B. Hedges

Boca Raton Hotel
and Country Club

1975 Maui, HI Northern California/ Dr. W. Robert Campbell

Royal Lahaina Resort Southern California President
1977 Lake of the Ozarks, MO Midwest Dr. John T. Lindquist

Tan-Tar-A Resort
1979 Hilton Head, SC Eastern Dr. Nicholas A. DiSalvo

Hilton Head Inn
1981 Durango, CO Southwest Dr. Elbert King

Tamarron Resort
1983 Hot Springs, WA North Atlantic Dr. Robert W. Baker

The Homestead
1985 Vancouver, BC Northwest Dr. John G. Ryan

The Four Seasons Hotel
1987 Newport Beach, CA Southern California Dr. Lee R. Logan

The Four Seasons Hotel
1989 Chicago, IL Midwest Dr. James J. Baldwin

Drake Hotel
1991 Sun Valley, ID Northern California Dr. Lee R. Boese

Sun Valley Lodge
1993 Asheville, NC Eastern Dr. Theodore Adler

Grove Park Inn
1995 Aspen, CO Southwest Dr. Robert L. Orr

The Ritz Carlton
1997 Williamsburg, VA North Atlantic Dr. Robert M. Rubin

Kingsmill-on-the-James Resort
1999 Sunriver, OR Northwest Dr. Laurel E. Brown

Sunriver Resort
2001 Maui, HI Southern California Dr. Donald Tuverson

Kapalua Bay Hotel
2003 Branson, MO Midwest Dr. Paul T. Castelein

Big Cedar Lodge
2005 Incline Village, Nv Northern California Dr. Gary R. Baughman

Lake Tahoe North Shore

Hyatt Regency Resort
and Casino
2007 Chateau Frontenac Hotel Angle East September 15-20, 2007

Quebec City, Quebec
Dr. David Musich


2009 Marriott River Walk Hotel Angle Southwest November 5-9, 2009

San Antonio, Texas
Dr. Jimmy Boley


Charleston Place Hotel
Angle North Atlantic
September 18-22, 2011

Charleston, SC

Dr. Timothy T. Wheeler


2013 Vancouver, BC Angle Northwest September 6-10, 2013

Dale V. Rhoney

2015 Pasadena, CA Southern California September 25-29, 2015

Dr. Richard McLaughlin

2017 Chicago, IL
Angle Midwest
September 6-10, 2017

Dr. Valmy Kulbersh

2019 Napa Valley, CA
Northern California
November 1-5, 2019

Dr. Ronald L. Champion


2021 New Castle, NH
Angle East
September 21-25, 2021

Dr. Peter Greco


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