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46th ESAHO Biennial Meeting
Nashville, Tennessee
September 6-11, 2025

Please click HERE to watch our welcome video.

Dear EHASO members,

We are finally ready to launch the Season V of the ANGLE-net Mondays webinars.

This initiative will start on Monday, November 13, 2023, and will run through Monday, June 3, 2024.

The webinars will be broadcast live on the first Monday of the month at the same time (see the attached program). The webinars will be recorded and made available for remote access for four weeks.

The EHASO members that intend to participate need to register to the Zoom platform indicating the requested data (Name, e-mail, indicating EHASO for University department and for e-mail of Person in charge of department).


You will receive an automatic link to join by Zoom after you register.

CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the program and speakers.

See you then and be well in the meantime!

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