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Northern California Angle Society of Orthodontists 2021-2023

President: Ann Marie Gorczyca
President Elect: Tom Marcel
Secretary: Patricia Choi
Treasurer: Robert Kelleher
Immediate Past President: Paul Kasrovi
1 Year Term: Rebecca Keller
2 Year Term: Kiyoshi Tai
3 Year Term: Snehlata Oberoi
4 Year Term: Bella Shen Garnett
5 Year Term: Lily Horton
Northern California Director to the EHASO: Jae Park

Committee Members:

Angle Newsletter/Editor/Photographer/Website/Social Media — Lili Horton, Chair, Ken Kai, Ann Marie Gorczyca

Bylaws Committee — Ann Marie Gorczyca, Chair, Ron Champion, Patty Choi

Clinical Evaluation Committee — Greg Wadden, Chair, Patty Choi, Rebecca Keller, Roger Boero, Steve Dugoni, John Gibbs, Ken Kai

Equipment Committee — Jorook Park, Chair, Tom Marcel, Brian Payne

Finance Committee — Brian Payne, Chair, Robert Kelleher, Patty Choi

Hospitality Committee — Bella Shen Garnett, Chair, Sheldon Salins, Marta Baird

Membership Committee — Lili Horton, Chair, Greg Wadden, Patty Choi

Nominating Committee — Paul Kasrovi, Chair, Brian Pane, Greg Wadden

Policy and Procedure Committee — Ann Marie Gorczyca, Chair, Ron Champion, Patty Choi

Sponsorship Committee — Ann Marie Gorczyca, Chair, Tom Marcel, Paul Kasrovi

Thesis Committee — Heesoo Oh, Chair, Snehlata Oberoi, Jae Park

Component Roster

Northern California Component Home Page:

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