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The ANGLE ORTHODONTIST Review Process on Allen Track

After the editor assigns potential reviewers, the automated system sends an e-mail to the reviewer containing a link to the manuscript. Cut and paste the link into your web browser and the Review Manuscript instructions, Screen 1, will appear.

Screen 1

Screen 1, where you are now, provides Review Manuscript Instructions. Please consider the originality of the scientific work and evaluate whether it is appropriate for publication in The Angle Orthodontist.

Please focus your attention on the scientific merit of this article. We have technical people to manage the grammar, spelling, etc. questions that may be present. What we need most from you is your expert opinion as to the scientific merit of the article and whether the article contains:

  • A clearly stated goal or objective or working hypothesis at the start of the ABSTRACT and in the article text.

  • An INTRODUCTION briefly focusing on the background necessary to place the study in perspective in the area of interest.

  • A METHODS AND MATERIALS that clearly describe the universe and how the sample is sequential or truly randomly derived from the universe as well as the criteria used to include or exclude the sample. The METHODS AND MATERIALS should enable the reader to potentially replicate the study described. Anything less than this should be brought to the author’s attention.

  • A RESULTS section that gives the reader readable data that specifically address the original objective or hypothesis of the study. The RESULTS should not be a prosaic presentation of all the incidental data in the tables or figures that occurred in the study.
  • A DISCUSSION that relates the findings of the present study to previous information in the field and speculates on the importance or application of the data derived from this study.

  • A CONCLUSION section that clearly states the conclusions reached in the study. This section should not contain a repeat of the METHODS or DISCUSSION.

  • A REFERENCE list limited to those necessary to support the study.

  • Individual files for each TABLES and FIGURE with the total number limited to those directly relevant to the study.

If you recommend a revision of the manuscript, the author will appreciate all the guidance you can offer in what revisions are needed.

If you recommend rejection of the manuscript, please provide some rationale for your decision.

If the manuscript is a Case Report, it would be most helpful if you would indicate not only the quality of the case write-up, but the value of the treatment described in terms of its uniqueness and/or contributions. A case report must show more than a well treated routine case. A case report should provide some information regarding what is unique or possible in treatment.

When you are ready, click on the button at the bottom of the page that says Start Review and you will be presented with Screen 2, and access to the PDF manuscript.

Screen 2

Screen 2 is where the review process starts. It contains summary manuscript information and provides access to the manuscript. Click on merged file PDF, and you will download the manuscript. You may print out the PDF manuscript or you may read it on screen. You may go back or stop at any time and return at time later as necessary. The manuscript will continue to be accessible.

When you are ready to proceed, click on Review Manuscript, at the bottom of the page and you will be presented with Screen 3.

Screen 3

Screen 3 presents the review form which requires an entry for each item. All drop-down menus also need to be completed.

At the bottom of the form is a box for comments. If you prefer to work offline, you may draft your remarks using your word processor and cut/paste the review into the reviewer remarks box on this screen. You may also enter your comments directly into the box. Your comments may be as lengthy as is required for the manuscript.

The reviewer can leave and return to the manuscript at any time by using the link in the original e-mail or by going to the reviewer’s Home Page.

The reviewer completes the review by clicking on the Submit Recommendation button and the review will be sent to the editor.

After the review is submitted, the system will send an automated e-mail acknowledgement of receipt of the review to the reviewer.

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