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ANGLE SOUTHWEST – Officers 2019-2021

President: Mittida Raksanaves
Vice President & Program Chair: Seuss Kassisieh
Treasurer: Bradford Edgren
Secretary: Darren Haltom
Director to National: Daniel Pearcy
Director-At-Large: Hirohide Arimoto
Director: Shannon Owens
Director: Yasuhiko Asai
Immediate Past President & Nominations Chairman: George Schudy
Board Member: Shannon Owens
Board Member-At-Large: Hirohide Arimoto
Heritage Committee: Buddy Kastrop
Consultant to the Board: Ed Owens
Consultant to the Board: Marvin Stephens
Consultant to the Board: Phil Campbell
Consultant to the Board and Heritage Chair: Marvin (Buddy) Kastrop

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