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Research Article January 21 2021
Micro computed tomography evaluation of Invisalign aligner thickness homogeneity
Research Article January 18 2021
The effect of social media on patient acceptance of temporary anchorage devices: A cross-cultural study
Research Article January 18 2021
Effect of injectable platelet-rich fibrin (i-PRF) on the rate of tooth movement: A randomized clinical trial
Research Article January 15 2021
Comparison of two survey instruments measuring quality of life in pediatric dentofacial patients
Research Article January 12 2021
Evaluation of adolescent and adult patients treated with the Carriere Motion Class III appliance followed by fixed appliances
Research Article January 12 2021
Orthopedic outcomes of hybrid and conventional Hyrax expanders: Secondary data analysis from a randomized clinical trial
Research Article January 12 2021
Evaluation of automated cephalometric analysis based on the latest deep learning method
Research Article January 12 2021
Effects of Invisalign (G5) with virtual bite ramps for skeletal deep overbite malocclusion correction in adults
Research Article January 6 2021
Traditional vs digital communication channels for improving compliance with fixed orthodontic treatment: A randomized controlled trial
Research Article December 30 2020
Comparison of the primary stability of orthodontic miniscrews after repeated insertion cycles:An in vitro study
Research Article December 30 2020
Effectiveness of metronidazole gel and mobile telephone short-message service reminders on gingivitis in orthodontic patients:A double-blind randomized controlled trial
review article December 30 2020
A comparison of the effects of Forsus appliances with and without temporary anchorage devices for skeletal Class II malocclusion:A systematic review and meta-analysis
case report December 29 2020
Three-dimensional surgical guide approach to correcting skeletal Class II malocclusion with idiopathic condylar resorption
Research Article December 22 2020
Evaluation of factors related to the success of miniscrew-assisted rapid palatal expansion
Research Article December 22 2020
Retrognathic maxilla in individuals born with oral clefts is due to intrinsic factors and not only due to early surgical treatment
Research Article December 21 2020
The effect of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) on maxillary incisor retraction rate
Research Article December 14 2020
Long-term effects of mini-screw–assisted rapid palatal expansion on airway:A three-dimensional cone-beam computed tomography study
Research Article December 9 2020
Effect of clear aligner wear protocol on the efficacy of tooth movement:A randomized clinical trial
Research Article November 25 2020
Effect of salvianolic acid B on new bone formation in the orthopedically expanded suture:A histological and immunohistochemical study
Research Article November 25 2020
The reliability and reproducibility of an Android cephalometric smartphone application in comparison with the conventional method
Research Article November 23 2020
Buccal alveolar bone changes following rapid maxillary expansion and fixed appliance therapy
Research Article November 11 2020
Corticotomy depth and regional acceleratory phenomenon intensity:A preliminary study
case report November 2 2020
Total maxillary arch distalization by using headgear in an adult patient:Reconsidering the traditional strategy in modern orthodontics
Research Article October 14 2020
Dental and skeletal effects after total arch distalization using modified C-palatal plate on hypo- and hyperdivergent Class II malocclusions in adolescents
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