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Research Article May 24 2022
Influence of genotype and perioral musculature on maxillary and mandibular development
Research Article May 23 2022
Corrosion of orthodontic brackets: qualitative and quantitative surface analysis
Research Article May 23 2022
Anatomical limitations and factors influencing molar distalization
Research Article May 13 2022
Does absence of maxillary lateral incisor affect the status of maxillary canine before and after secondary alveolar bone grafting in patients with unilateral alveolar cleft?
Research Article March 29 2022
Comparing patient-centered outcomes and efficiency of space closure between nickel-titanium closed-coil springs and elastomeric power chains during orthodontic treatment:A two-center, randomized clinical trial
Research Article March 28 2022
A comparative assessment of the amount and rate of orthodontic space closure toward a healed vs recent lower premolar extraction site:A split-mouth randomized clinical trial
Research Article March 28 2022
Effect of low-level laser therapy on the time needed for leveling and alignment of mandibular anterior crowding:A randomized controlled clinical trial
Research Article March 16 2022
Combined orthodontic and surgical open bite correction:Principles for success. Part 2
Research Article March 11 2022
Association between malocclusion and articulation of phonemes in early childhood
Research Article March 9 2022
Effects of compressive stress combined with mechanical vibration on osteoclastogenesis in RAW 264.7 cells
Research Article March 1 2022
Alveolar bone thickness and height changes following incisor retraction treatment with microimplants:A cone beam computed tomography study
Research Article February 21 2022
Orthodontists' perceptions of and adaptations to nonspecialist and direct-to-consumer orthodontic service providers
Research Article February 15 2022
Association of the three-dimensional skeletal variables with self-recognition of facial asymmetry in skeletal Class III patients
Research Article February 14 2022
Influence of personality traits on a patient's decision to accept orthognathic surgery for correction of dentofacial deformity
case report February 14 2022
Torque control of maxillary anterior teeth with the double J retractor and palatal miniscrews during en masse retraction:A case report
Research Article February 11 2022
Characterization of phenotypes of skeletal Class III malocclusion in Korean adult patients treated with orthognathic surgery using cluster analysis
Research Article February 7 2022
Proximity of upper central incisors to incisive canal among subjects with maxillary dentoalveolar protrusion in various facial growth patterns:A CBCT analysis
Research Article February 7 2022
Dental arch changes after anterior open bite treatment in the mixed dentition produced by miniscrew-supported palatal crib vs conventional fixed palatal crib:A randomized clinical trial
Research Article February 7 2022
Lithium reduces orthodontically induced root resorption by suppressing cell death, hyalinization, and odontoclast formation in rats
Research Article December 20 2021
Effects of Class II elastics during growth on the functional occlusal plane according to skeletal pattern and extraction vs nonextraction
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