In concert with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), the Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine will offer up to 30 category 1 continuing medical education (CME) credits per calendar year beginning in January 2004. Registered participants must complete and submit monthly Test Your Memory examinations to receive the category 1 CME credits. These credits can be applied to the American Medical Association's Physician's Recognition Award.

Registered Test Your Memory participants will recognize that the number of CME credits offered is reduced from last year. This change was made to be in compliance with ACCME guidelines and to keep the program consistent with our current Test Your Memory format.

In addition, answers to the Test Your Memory questions will no longer be provided at the bottom of the question page in the journal. This change also was made to be in compliance with ACCME guidelines. Instead, paper-based participants (those who receive answer sheets in the mail) will receive a monthly feedback form that will allow them to self-check their answers for each submitted examination. Online Test Your Memory participants will continue to receive immediate feedback regarding their answers.

Review the revised Test Your Memory CME registration form in this issue for complete information on the program and details on how to register for the Test Your Memory program.

This issue of the Archives also contains revised Instructions for Authors. Among the changes made was that effective January 1, 2004, the Archives will begin allowing the submission of text-only manuscripts and manuscripts with certain types of noncolor figures via e-mail. See the Instructions for Authors for specific information on the types of papers that may be submitted via e-mail. As always, authors are strongly encouraged to review the instructions prior to submission of manuscripts to ensure proper and complete preparation. Questions regarding how to prepare or submit manuscripts may be sent via e-mail to the editorial office at [email protected].

As always, please contact the Archives editorial office with your comments or questions.