Urinary and Male Genital Tumours is the 8th volume of the World Health Organization Classification of Tumours series, 5th edition. Released in hard copy in September 2022, it presents an update to the classification of male genital and urinary tumors in the molecular age. Building upon previous volumes in this series, significant effort has been made to harmonize terminology across organ systems for biologically similar tumors (eg, neuroendocrine tumors). Genomic terminology has been standardized and genetic syndromes covered more comprehensively. This review presents a concise summary of this volume highlighting new entities, notable modifications relative to the 4th edition, and elements of relevance to routine clinical practice.


To provide a comprehensive update on the World Health Organization classification of urinary and male genital tumors, highlighting updated diagnostic criteria and terminology.

Data Sources.—

The 4th and 5th editions of the World Health Organization Classification of Tumours: Urinary and Male Genital Tumours.


The World Health Organization has made several changes in the 5th edition of the update on urinary and male genital tumors that pathologists need to be aware of for up-to-date clinical practice.

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