Social media is a powerful tool in pathology education and professional networking that connects pathologists and pathology trainees from around the world. Twitter (X) appears to be the most popular social media platform pathologists use to share pathology-related content and connect with other pathologists. Although there has been some published research on pathology-related activity on Twitter during short time frames, to date there has not been published research examining pathology-related Twitter activity in totality from its earliest days of activity to recently.


To comprehensively evaluate the use of pathology on Twitter (X) during the last 10 years.


Pathology-related tweets were systematically scraped from Twitter from January 2012 to January 2023 using pathology hashtags as a surrogate measure for all pathology content on Twitter. COVID-related tweets were approximated by tweets containing the term “COVID.”


There were 591 812 unique pathology-related tweets identified during the time period, with #pathology being the most common hashtag used and #PathTwitter becoming more popular since 2020. There has been positive annual growth of pathology Twitter, with peaks in use during major pathology conferences. During the initial phases of the COVID-19 pandemic a sustained increase in pathology tweets was observed.


Pathology Twitter has grown during the last 10 years and has become increasingly popular for pathology education and networking. With the changing landscape of social media platforms this study provides an understanding of how pathology medical education and professional networking uses of social media are used and evolve over time.

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Tian and Wang contributed equally to this work.

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