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The Archives Web-Only Publishing Program

The Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine has published select accepted manuscripts as "Web-only" articles beginning with the January 2003 issue. Rest assured that papers that appear only on the Archives Web site are held to the same high standards that all Archives submissions are held to. Specifically, Web-only papers were subjected to the same rigorous peer-review process as papers that appear in our print version. All Web-only papers will be listed in the corresponding print version's table of contents. Web-only papers will be indexed in PubMed, and they will be available indefinitely on the Archives Web site. In addition, a separate Web-only Article Index broken out by year and month of publication appears below.

Our Web-only papers are issued an electronic page number that consists of a lowercase "e" and the appropriate Web-only page number. This page assignment procedure allows for the easy identification of our Web-only papers.

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