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Athletic Training Education Journal Editors

David C. Berry, PhD, MHA, AT, ATC, ATRIC, CKTP, GT-Certified Professor, is a Professional Athletic Training Program Director in the Department of Kinesiology, College of Health and Human Services at Saginaw Valley State University. In addition to serving as the Editor-in-Chief, he is also the Treasurer of the Michigan Athletic Trainers' Society and the Great Lakes Athletic Trainers' Society.

David C. Berry, PhD, ATC
Saginaw Valley State University
Kirk J. Armstrong, EdD, ATC, LAT
James Madison University
Matthew Kutz, PhD, ATC
Bowling Green State University
Stacy Walker, PhD, ATC
Ball State University
Jennifer Doherty-Restrepo, PhD, ATC
Florida International University
Abbey Dondanville, EdD, ATC
Piedmont University
Ashley Goodman, PhD, LAT, ATC, CPed
Appalachian State University
Joanne C. Klossner, PhD, ATC
University of Maryland
Blaine Long, PhD, ATC
Central Michigan University
Valerie Moody, PhD, ATC
University of Montana
Katherine Newsham, PhD, ATC
Saint Louis University
Sara Nottingham, EdD, ATC
University of New Mexico
Ellen Payne, PhD, ATC, LAT, CSCS, EMT
Moravian College (2018)
Ashley B. Thrasher, EdD, ATC (2020)
Old Dominion University (2020)
Cailee E. Welch Bacon, PhD, ATC
A.T. Still University
Kenneth L. Knight, PhD, ATC, FNATA, FACSM
Brigham Young University
Kimberly S. Peer, EdD, AT, FNATA
Kent State University
William A. Pitney, EdD, ATC, FNATA
Northern Illinois University
Thomas Cappaert, PhD, ATC
Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions
Monica Lininger, PhD, LAT, ATC
Northern Arizona University
Stephanie Mazerolle Singe, PhD, ATC
University of Connecticut
Jennifer Volberding, PhD, ATC
Oklahoma State University
Leslie Neistadt, ELS
Saint Louis University
Kevin Clear
Saint Louis University


Editorial board members are appointed by the Editor-in-Chief, with advice and input from the journal editors for a 3-year term that is renewable. Editorial board members are selected based on the quality of their past guest reviews as well as their scholarly productivity and contributions to athletic training education. The expiration year for a member’s term is indicated in parentheses.
Thomas Cappaert, PhD, ATC
Central Michigan University (2020)
Timothy L. Neal, MS, ATC (2020)
Concordia University Ann Arbor
W. David Carr, PhD, ATC
Missouri State University (2020)
John Parsons, PhD, ATC
NCAA (2020)
Alison Gardiner-Shires, PhD, ATC
West Chester University (2021)
Erin Pletcher, PhD, ATC (2020)
Rowan University
Paul Geisler, EdD, ATC
Ithaca College (2020)
Kelly Potteiger, PhD, ATC
North Park University (2021)
Jolene Henning, EdD, ATC
Westfield State University
Jack Ransone, PhD, ATC, FACSM
College of William & Mary (2021)
Paul Higgins, DPT, MPT, ATC, CSCS
High Point University (2017)
Michelle Sandrey, PhD, ATC
West Virginia University (2020)
Kimberly J. Keeley, PhD, LAT, ATC
Slippery Rock University (2021)
Krista J. Schweers-Ganga, MS, ATC (2020)
Coastline ROP, CA
Mark Knoblauch, PhD, ATC (2020)
University of Houston
Timothy Speicher, PhD, ATC (2020)
Positional Release Therapy Institute, UT
Christine Lauber, EdD, ATC
University of Indianapolis (2020)
Patrick D. St Louis, ATC, CCT, CKTF
Trinity Mother Frances Hospital, TX
Sarah Manspeaker, PhD, ATC
Duquesne University (2021)
Leslee Taylor, PhD, ATC, LAT
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (2021)
Stephanie Mazerolle Singe, PhD, ATC, FNATA
University of Connecticut (2020)
Bonnie Van Lunen, PhD, ATC
Western Carolina University
Todd McLoda, PhD, ATC
Illinois State University (2021)
Jackie Williams, PhD, ATC
Slippery Rock University (2020)

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