The distribution and habitat of two stag beetles, Hoplogonus bornemisszai and H. vanderschoori (Coleoptera: Lucanidae) listed under the Tasmanian Threatened Species Protection Act 1995 were investigated. The number of sites of occurrence for H. bornemisszai was increased from 4 to 28 and its extent of occurrence was calculated to be 1,200 ha (12 km2). The number of sites of occurrence for H. vanderschoori was increased from 3 to 22 and its extent of occurrence was 9,510 ha (95 km2). Both species appeared to have patchy distributions and occurred at variable population densities. H. vanderschoori was found predominantly in wetter forest types than H.bornemisszai including rainforest and mixed forest types, but was not found in regenerating wet eucalypt forest. The ranges of the two species did not overlap. However, the range of H. bornemisszai is contiguous with that of another threatened stag beetle, H. simsoni. Together, the ranges of the three species indicate the presence of a biogeographical mosaic. Only 20% of potential habitat for H. bornemisszai, and 30% for H. vanderschoori, occurs in reserves or areas bound by a conservation covenant. Conservation measures are recommended for the maintenance of populations of these species in areas subject to forestry activities.

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