Wild Wet Tropics tandan Tandanus tropicanus were collected from the Bloomfield River, Queensland, for examination by histopathology and bacteriology. This provided an opportunity to establish baseline information on the general health and parasite fauna of native freshwater catfish in a pristine river. Histology of gill tissue revealed epitheliocystis in one fish. This is the first report of epitheliocystis in T. tropicanus. Bacterial culture showed light growth of bacteria from the kidney of only two fish, and these were identified as Aeromonas veronii, A. jandaei and Bacillus/Lactobacillus spp. An unidentified monogenean infection was observed in the gills of four fish, and trematode metacercariae were observed in the extra-ocular tissue of four fish. Nematodes were observed in the tissues of nine fish, and sequence and preliminary phylogenetic analysis of PCR products using an ITS primer suggest that these parasites may be a previously unreported Contracaecum species.

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