The exotic pet trade may be the principal mechanism for the establishment of invasive reptile species. The escape or deliberate release of captive reptiles has resulted in the establishment of many species globally. In Australia, exposure to this entry pathway has been limited due to long-term legislation preventing the importation and keeping of exotic reptiles by private keepers. Despite this, the corn snake Elaphe guttata is still illegally maintained in many private collections, resulting in occasional reports of released or escaped specimens. We recorded 79 free-ranging corn snakes captured by three wildlife organizations between 2002 and 2014 in the greater Sydney region, Australia. There was an increasing encounter rate over time, suggesting that this is a growing problem and may result in the establishment and spread of this species into Australia. Corn snakes were recorded throughout the Sydney region. No snake clusters were found and this suggests that populations may not have become established in the wild yet.

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