Following the third session of the forum, we held a question and answer session facilitated by Paul Willis. The presentations (including posters) covered by this plenary session were:

  • Catherine Herbert (University of Sydney) - The paradox of “conservation islands”: What to do when threatened species threaten others?

  • David Milledge (Landmark Ecological Services), Hank Bower (Lord Howe Island Board) and Nicholas Carlile (Office of Environment and Heritage NSW) - Removing a threatened apex predator from an oceanic World Heritage island.

  • Lily van Eeden (University of Sydney) - What should we do about wild dogs?

  • Anne Kerle (Kerle Environmental) - The eastern grey kangaroo: a modern conservation dilemma.

  • Tanja Strive and Tarnya Cox (CSIRO Health & Biosecurity) - Lethal biological control of rabbits - Recent public concerns around the most powerful tool available for landscape scale mitigation of rabbit impacts.

  • Tanja Strive, Mark Tizard, Peter R. Brown, Steve Henry, Keith Hayes, Peter Caley, Lucy Carter and Andrew W. Sheppard - (CSIRO) - Opportunities for using novel genetic control tools for the control of Australian vertebrate pest species.

  • Nicola Harrod, Mike Braysher and Jasmyn Lynch (University of Canberra) - Translocation-related killing: killing of what to achieve what?

  • Justine Philip (Museums Victoria) - The Institutionalisation of Poison. A historical view of pest control in Australia since 1811

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