Following the third session of the forum, we held a question and answer session facilitated by Paul Willis. The presentations covered by this plenary session were:

  • Citizen science for turtles: Risk, potentials and successes (Claudia Santori, University of Sydney)

  • Unleashing the potential of citizen science for NSW (Erin Roger, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage)

  • How social media can create impacts for research (Paul Willis, Media Engagement Services)

  • A citizen-driven tool to help monitor avian biodiversity in urban greenspaces of Sydney (Corey Callagham, University of New South Wales)

  • Where the wild things go: a new epoch for animal biotelemetry (Peggy Newman, Atlas of Living Australia)

The posters covered by this plenary session were:

  • From scats to traps: how scat samples paved the way for future research (Rebecca Gooley, University of Sydney)

  • Characterising the diet of Tasmanian devils introduced to an offshore island (Elspeth Mclennan, University of Sydney)

  • What we can do with poo: studying the gut microbiome of the endangered Tasmanian devil (Rowena Chong, University of Sydney)

  • Using passive acoustic recording and automated call identification to survey koalas in the southern forests of New South Wales (Brad Law, NSW Department of Primary Industries)

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