The nest of a Superb Lyrebird, in a spotted gum forest on the south-east coast of Australia, was monitored for approximately 10 weeks. The nest was discovered before the egg was laid, on June 16, 2020. The egg was laid on July 7, and the chick was taken by a Lace Monitor (Varanus varius) on August 29. A camera placed at the nest when discovered was active for the entire monitoring period. Thirteen sound recordings (in 6h periods) were made at the nest between July 16 and August 28 inclusive. The literature on vocalisations by the female lyrebird is scant, and in the light of our data, unrepresentative of her repertoire, especially during her role as parental carer. We present a series of photographs, sonograms and accessible sound recordings. These show specific behaviours of the female as she enters and leaves the nest, and the vocalisations specifically used when the female is approaching or leaving the nest, and when she is interacting with the egg, the chick and an intruder.

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