The conclusions of our taxonomic review of the black cockatoos in the genera Calyptorhynchus and Zanda ( met with some opposition regarding our classification of the black cockatoos with yellow subterminal tail bands. We raised the three recognised subspecies to full species: Eastern Yellow-tailed Cockatoo Z. funerea Shaw, 1794; Western Yellow-tailed Cockatoo Z. whiteae Mathews, 1912; and Tasmanian Yellow-tailed Cockatoo Z. xanthanota Gould, 1838. Our separation of whiteae and xanthanota caused particular concern. In response to this concern, we re-analysed our data, using only anatomical data from adult specimens and demonstrate that there are valid grounds for the separation, with Z. xanthanota being significantly larger than Z. whiteae in 26 of the 30 anatomical measurements used in our analysis. We appreciate that our conclusion that Z. funerea, Z. whiteae and Z. xanthanota are separate species may not be readily accepted by all readers, but we would welcome any challenges backed by data.

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