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Early Access Papers

Research Article February 24 2024
Endangered Spectacled Flying-fox: a review of past and current knowledge and future needs to re-start its recovery
Research Article February 22 2024
A misconstrued alien: the freshwater turtle Emydura macquarii in the Greater Sydney region
Research Article February 22 2024
Communal aggregation of Brown Tree Snakes Boiga irregularis at the southern limit of their distribution
Research Article February 9 2024
Opinion: Missing half the picture, focus on scleractinian corals during bleaching events has left critical knowledge gaps in our understanding of reef-scale bleaching and recovery
Research Article January 31 2024
First record of Egernia predation by the range restricted Spotted Mulga Snake Pseudechis butleri
Research Article January 26 2024
The effectiveness and applications of drones for monitoring jellyfish
Research Article January 24 2024
“Normalising” flying-foxes: a bold vision for improving the public perceptions of our largest and most conspicuous bats
Research Article December 11 2023
The Tasmanian Thylacine Sighting Record Database (TTSRD): 1,223 quality-rated and geo-located Thylacine observations from 1910 to 2019
Book Review December 8 2023
In the Name of Sharks: François Sarano Polity Press Release date in Australia February 2024
Research Article November 17 2023
Antimicrobial resistance threatening animal-human health in Papua New Guinea
Research Article September 7 2023
Trends in the rescue and fate of koalas in New South Wales (1973-2020), with a focus on disease and trauma
Research Article April 28 2023
The impact of plant diseases on wildlife in Australia
Research Article April 21 2023
Emerging diseases in Australian oysters and the challenges of climate change and uncertain futures
Research Article April 12 2023
Snakebite – the most ignored way to die
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