Eight-wk-old layer cockerels and pullets were presented to the diagnostic lab with a history of increased mortality, ruffled feathers, lameness, and recent vaccination. At necropsy, the birds had large multifocal granulomas in multiple tissues. Only light bacterial growth was seen on culture. On histopathology, a mixed population of fungi was seen within the granulomas including zygomycetes and Aspergillus, with the zygomycetes being the predominant organism. Because of the coinfection with Aspergillus and Penicillium, obtaining the zygomycetes in pure culture was unsuccessful. The source of the zygomycete fungi remains unknown; however, zygomycetes are known to be ubiquitous. Serology was performed to evaluate the flock's immune status. There was no evidence of immunosuppression caused by chicken anemia virus or bursal disease infections. No flock treatment was initiated.

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