Peter Woolcock. Did the amino acid sequence change from emu to chicken passes as IVPI increased? Paul Selleck. No changes were seen in a PCR product covering 200 bases around the HA cleavage site.

Daniel Perez. During the serial passage of the H7 in chickens, were viruses passaged in eggs before going to chickens? (I mean ck to eggs to ck to eggs to ck or ck to ck to ck)? Paul Selleck. The virus used for the first IVPI had been passed twice in eggs and between each pass in chickens the virus was reisolated in eggs from cloacal swabs (i.e., egg—egg—ck—egg—ck—egg—ck).

David Swayne. Have surveys been done in wild birds to access the influenza subtypes they are carrying? You mentioned the wild birds several times in the presentation associated within the farms and area. Paul Selleck. Yes, immediately following the outbreak, a fairly stringent survey was done of...

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