A rapid diagnostic strip for chicken infectious bursal disease (IBD) was developed based on membrane chromatography using high-affinity monoclonal antibodies directed to chicken infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV). The diagnostic strip has high specificity for detection of chicken IBDV antigen and recognizes a variety of the virus isolates, including virulent and attenuated strains, with no cross-reactivity to other viruses, such as Newcastle disease virus, Marek's disease virus, infectious bronchitis virus, infectious laryngotracheitis virus, and egg-drop-syndrome virus. The results showed that its specificity was highly consistent with the agar-gel precipitation test (AGP). The diagnostic strip detected as low as 800 median egg lethal dose (ELD50) viruses in the IBDV BC6/85-infected sample, which was comparable with AC-ELISA (400 ELD50) and 32 times more sensitive than the AGP test (2.56 × 104 ELD50). In experimental infection, IBDV was detected in the bursa as early as 36 hr postinfection with the diagnostic strip before the clinical signs and gross lesions appeared. It takes only 1–2 min to do a strip test to detect chicken IBDV antigen after the specimen is grounded in a whirl pack with finger massage.

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