Early recognition and prevention of infectious diseases in poultry flocks are essential to reduce spread from bird to bird, to prevent zoonoses, and to keep losses low. Backyard flock owners often have little knowledge about poultry health, and specialized veterinarians are difficult to find. Alternative sources for support, education, and training for noncommercial poultry are the websites of cooperative extension services offering online webinars, presentations, and programs about poultry health and diseases. The aim of this investigation was to survey 23 websites of the extension services of the top 13 states in poultry production for information on backyard poultry health. The eXtension website by the United States Cooperative Extension System was added as a nation-wide source of information. Structure, content, and presentation form were compared and analyzed. The results displayed large differences between the investigated webpages and identified opportunities for improving the sites, especially in completeness, accessibility, and presentation of the information. From 23 extension websites, 13 provided none to very limited online information and 5 websites covered almost all of the investigated content. The primary media used were articles with pictures, and only three universities added videos and webinars. Based on these results and according to the increased need for online sources about poultry health, the extension websites should provide complete and correct information or at least links to approved sources. Videos, podcasts, and webinars can increase outreach and learning achievement. This survey may help to improve the presentation and content of poultry health-related extension websites.

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