Sixty-two strains of Pasteurellaceae-like bacteria were isolated from the trachea of 87 clinically healthy psittacine birds in two Danish zoos. The isolates were identified by a combination of rpoB and 16S rRNA gene sequencing and by MALDI-TOF. Twenty-eight strains belonged to the genus Volucribacter or were related to this genus and to the unnamed taxon 34 of Bisgaard, while 28 strains were related to the unnamed taxon 44 of Bisgaard. Four strains were identified as Pasteurella multocida, while two isolates were classified with the related taxon 45 of Bisgaard and a single isolate was classified as Pasteurella sp. The investigation documented an unrecognized reservoir of rarely reported and unclassified or unnamed species of Pasteurellaceae-like bacteria in psittacine birds. The results were in accordance with a recent report on isolation of Pasteurellaceae from diseased psittacine birds, and the investigation documented that the same taxa of Pasteurellaceae-like bacteria can be isolated from apparently healthy birds as well as from diseased birds.

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