SUMMARY Avian chlamydiosis is an infection caused by obligate intracellular, Gram-negative bacteria belonging to the Chlamydiaceae family. Birds can be hosts of several Chlamydia species including C. avium which has been only detected in pigeons and psittacine birds. In this study, depression, respiratory distress and mortality were noticed among psittacines belonging to a large aviary comprising 35 different avian species. Based on immunohistochemistry and PCR testing, chlamydiosis was diagnosed in affected birds. Gross and histopathological lesions were mainly observed in the spleen and gastrointestinal tract. C. avium was detected in four psittacines by PCR, including two dead birds and two individuals exhibiting respiratory distress. Increased AST and LDH values and anemia were consistently identified in affected birds. Administration of doxycycline, combined with hepatoprotectors and vitamins, was effective in stopping mortality and bacterial shedding.

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