A cerebral tumor was identified in an adult female domestic chicken (Gallus domesticus). On gross examination, the cut surface of the cerebrum revealed a poorly circumscribed, pale tan soft mass within the thalamus and midbrain. On histologic examination, there was an unencapsulated, multilobulated neoplasm composed of spindle cells on a loose fibrovascular stroma. Neoplastic cells had variably distinct cell borders, abundant fibrillar eosinophilic cytoplasm, oval nuclei with finely stippled chromatin, and 1–2 distinct nucleoli. There was moderate anisocytosis and anisokaryosis with <1 mitoses per 2.37 mm2. The morphologic features of the neoplastic cells were consistent with an astrocytic neoplasm. PCR was performed on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded sections of brain tissue, which was negative for subgroup A avian leukosis virus. Based on these findings, the tumor was diagnosed as a presumed spontaneous astrocytoma.

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