This study analyzes the nature of the general population's behaviour towards the houseless population in Kanpur City, Uttar Pradesh, India, as well as the houseless population's experiences on various occasions, their need for security from humiliations and disturbances, and their expressive ties. The analysis is based on data from a comprehensive field survey carried out in Kanpur City in 2012. Of all houseless households sampled in this survey, about three-quarters reported very poor treatment by the general population. Nearly two-thirds of the houseless population reported bad experiences on the occasions of VIP visits, national festivals, and various functions/ceremonies. More than 95 % houseless people reported a need for security from various kinds of humiliations and disturbances in their lives. Nearly one-fifth of the houseless population was socially disaffiliated or excluded (i.e., homeless), but more than four-fifths reported social affiliations.

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