Urbanisation has serious impacts on many challenges associated with quality of life. In Kuala Lumpur, the pace of urbanisation has led to some change, resulting in some villages becoming a formal part of the city. Research on facets of the quality of life – what we term here ‘living qualities’ – in urban village communities is important in understanding the impact of urban development on these marginalised communities. This paper aims to identify the domains and indicators for such living qualities in urban village communities in Kuala Lumpur through in-depth analysis and synthesis, investigating the respective domains and indicators as also supported by relevant policies in Malaysia. The study provides validation based on expert consensus to further strengthen the justification for the domains and indicators selected. Based on an extensive review of related relevant research on living qualities and validation by experts, nine domains and 45 indicators have been identified with a CVR (content validity ratio) of 0.62 or higher and a CVI (content validity index) of 0.99. The findings can be utilised as a basis for assessing facets of the quality of life in urban village communities in Kuala Lumpur and as a whole.

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