The main argument of this article is that Trump's “Deal of the Century” (DoC) is part of a continuing settler-colonial project to transform Palestine and its identity from an Arab-Palestinian homeland into a Jewish-Zionist one.   The settler-colonial enterprise includes an attempt to change the existing reality and to replace it with a new reality that accepts settlers, through diverse techniques implemented towards the indigenous people, such as deportation, disregard, absenteeism, and confinement within closed reservations, which weaken the ability of the indigenous people to resist. Trump's DoC – in terms of the content of the Plan, the identity of the designers of the Plan, its form of declaration, and the contents of the speeches given at the White House meeting on January 28, 2020 – is an additional event in a contin­uing series of past events. These have sought, by means of a prior declaration, to serve as an international cover to control Palestine and to change its territory and demography. They do so while ignoring the Palestinian reality formed over hundreds of years, and seek to enhance the erasure of this reality and to create a new one by imposing a settler-colonial enterprise which gives the settlers structural superiority over the indigenous people of Palestine.

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