The importance of this research is to examine the liability of the air carrier towards the air passenger within the context of the International Carriage Legislation. In that way the study seeks to unveil the mechanisms that are not only swift but dynamic in redressing any damage or loss which the air passenger might have suffered in the event of the flight, so that the victims of air accidents might not have to wait for a long duration for the competent court to determine the necessary compensation on the loss or damages, especially at a time when they are most in need of indemnity or financial support to suppress the harm they might have suffered. Due to the fact that the topic of this research is of robust importance in jurisprudence, the judiciary and legislation at the international and national level, this study aims at determining the extent to which the liability of the air carrier as well as the air passenger accident compensation are guaranteed for the benefit of the victims of air accidents within the minimum period of time.

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